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How much did the Facilities First project cost?


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“Facilities First is Australia’s leading privately owned and operated cleaning, maintenance and facility services management company. Dedicated and diverse self-delivered team provides a scalable workforce and service tailored to the unique needs of facilitIies.

With 2500 directly employed cleaning staff and an extensive network of trusted maintenance partners, we provide a quality, seamlessly integrated service to more than 2400 sites across governmenthealth and aged carestadiumshospitality, commercial and retail sectors.”



“One of Australia’s fastest-growing digital marketing and training companies. Hundreds of happy clients are no small feat… but that’s what Brilliant Digital has achieved, under the leadership of vet-turned-marketer, Deb Croucher.”

Brilliant Digital was responsible for the creative directions including the supply of the scripts and organising the production.


30″ VIDEO + 2min VIDEO

Shoot across 4 different locations,. A full day shoot at the ANZ Stadium, a full day shoot at West HQ complex and a full day shoot at TAFE and the Facilities First head office.

The client needed a 30 seconds video advertisement for broadcasting in stadiums and tv commercials. They also needed a corporate overview with a 2min video.

We got an Assistant in the production and we organised to shoot as much as we could over the 3 days to get additional content such as employee testimonials, interviews and B-roll that can be used for future video projects.

We set 6 full days for editing. These days were used for rough cuts and stock footage preparation. These cuts are then organised to match the prepared script. Once these are put together, we research soundtracks, sound design, motion graphics and colourgrade. At this time, we also allow for 2 rounds of changes and exporting the final files for the media’s requirements. Typically, each full day shoot with two cameras requires 2 days editing. For this project, we used 2 cameras and filmed for 3 days which usually means 6 days. However in this case we allowed for an extra day to do final changes and exporting for all the media formats.


Video Campaign Delivered

30 seconds Advertisement

BellBird created a 30 seconds advertisement for Facilities First. This ad was broadcasted in stadiums and tv commercials.

Corporate Overview

BellBird created this 2 minute video to provide a corporate overview for the Facilities First website.

Stills from the Cinema Camera

Stock Footage

Personalised footage for Facilities First Stock Library


We delivered the final videos in various formats for different usages. We delivered the 30 seconds ad and the corporate overview. We also created a library of footage with dolly shots, overlay/b-roll shots from the stadium, restaurant & cafe area, west HQ, SGAC Aquatic Centre, theatre, gym, TAFE, public school, head office, drone shots and grabs of people.

We also filmed several quick interviews and testimonials that can be used in the future.

Additional job during Covid-19

During the Covid Restrictions Facilities First access their Stock Library

Interview Videos

During the Covid Restrictions Facilities First could not shoot content. Instead they were able to access the Stock footage. BellBird then edited and delivered a short video of Ben – CEO, Facilities First and a 2 minute video interview of Alan & Andrew.

For this extra project we allowed for 3 full days editing.

Videos Content Delivered

Ben – CEO Facilities First

This 1 minute video documented Ben’s vision and personal message about Facilities First.

Interview with Alan and Andrew for Facilities First

This 2 minute video talked about their client networks, OHS considerations and government contracts.

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