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BellBird Showreel 2021, we have had the privilege to work with a lot of people and businesses over the past few years. Our clients believe in BellBird’s work and that is what motivates us every day.

This is our latest showreel to showcase some of the projects that we happy worked on and we are keen to provide our expertise and quality productions to even more businesses in 2021!

Companies outside of the entertainment sector use showreels to promote their brands and communicate with customers. They’re known as corporate showreels. Edited montages used for public relations, advertising, or propaganda are also called “showreels”.

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What is a Showreel

Videos that showcase a person’s previous work, also called demo reels or promo reels, may be used by any number of filmmaking professionals and other media professionals, including actors, animators, lighting designers, editors, models, photographers, composers, sound engineers, and others. 

Generally, a showreel consists of one to three minutes of video footage from different projects and is created to promote a prospective artist to talent agents, producers, and casting directors. Here at BellBird we are presenting a small example of what we can do for our clients in terms of creativity and high-quality images.

Why is important to evaluate a Showreel

It is also important from a client’s perspective to look at the production company showreel for them to evaluate and form a relationship with the videographer or film maker, since in the end they will represent what the client is like through images.

Another way to showcase what your business does and what makes you different from your competitors is to create a promotional or an overview of your business.

52 Different Projects

This showreel was made from 52 different video projects, here is a list with some of the video that we created, you can click on the links below to watch the video content where each shot belongs, have a look at every little detail in this engaging stories.

Mizuno For the Moment – Jonathan Goerlach
The World at Your Feet – Mizuno Australia
Nouvelle Kitchen Managing Director Mike
Seal Rocks Adventure
Facilities First – Corporate Overview
Tanomi Japanese Restaurant
DeeWhy Surf Session
Inspirational Weight loss Story
A day in a Real State Life
Kerry Howell – Make Up artist

Thank you for reading this blog article and watching our showreel, we are very grateful for you support to our business.

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