Jonathan Goerlach, Australian Paratriathlete in Japan paralympics 2021

Jonathan Goerlach tells his very personal and challenging journey to the Paralympics games in Japan 2021. 

BellBird attempts to capture the challenging daily routines of Jonathan as a way of understanding exactly how he prepares for the ultimate test. 

This video is part of the campaign All FOR THE MOMENT produced for Mizuno Australia.  A look behind the scenes at a professional athlete’s life and his extraordinary work to push himself reach beyond his limits.

A small moment must pass before history has a chance to write your name down for eternity, before you can be immortalised and become famous.

All for the moment, you will forever be remembered in history

Paratriathlete with Usher syndrome who dedicated his life to the sport. Jonathan, ranked third in the world for visually impaired men´s category, works with his sighted guide, Sam, to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Despite Jonathan’s numerous wins at triathlon races and his three World Paratriathlete Series titles, the proudest moment in his life is when he hears from children with similar disabilities who use his example to inspire themselves and wish to become athletes like him.

BellBIrd Job description

BellBird Production was commissioned by Mizuno Australia to create an engaging and inspiring video that tells the story of Jonathan Goerlach’s and his journey to represent Australia in the Paralympic games in 2021.

What we delivered:

BellBird handled every aspect of production for this project, from concept development to storyboarding to production and post-production.  This video shows a Top Paratriathlete in his environment.  The filming took place in the stunning surroundings of Wollongong in NSW in early 2021. 

Whether it’s flying above the action or diving underwater, all the scenes are intimate and close to the talent.   

Ultimately, the final piece was delivered in a few different formats and lengths, which were used as TV commercials, gym ads, social media ads, and on the company’s website.

In two full days of shooting and several days of editing, we produced 30 second adds, a 1 minute video, and a 2:30 minute video.  For specific platforms and stories, we also create landscape versions.​

Mizuno For the Moment – Jonathan Goerlach 30 Sec TVC
Mizuno For the Moment – Jonathan Goerlach 60 Sec Add

Thank you for reading this blog article and watching our videos, we are very grateful for you support to our business.

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