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Video Production for Corporate Content in Bella Vista

Business is everywhere. There is a lot of competition. BellBird help businesses with corporate content in Bella Vista and Sydney surround. When it comes to marketing in the corporate world, video marketing/corporate content has become essential.

From showing off your product or service to simply educating customers through explainer videos, videos build trust and give clients more confidence to purchase. Remember also that video and mobile phones are best friends – 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile and then they SHARE digitally and with social media.

Google now recognises optimised videos as good content and this will boost your ranking. BellBird is dedicated to creating entertaining and engaging videos to expand your audience and therefore your customer base.

We work across all suburbs in Sydney from Surry Hills to Castle Hill, Bondi to Manly – being freelancers means we have freedom to move and find the best locations around Sydney.

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Corporate Portfolio

Orion Satellites

A Case Study for Orion Satelites, API Management operate remote exploration camps studying iron ore deposits in Western Australia that require reliable connectivity at all times.

Prime Partners Case Study

Chartered Accountants Case Study describing Prime Partners service to businesses and how they provide business advice.

Food Agility

The purpose of this initiative is to create a modern workspace in the Australian Agrifood industry, demonstrate food agility and how the technology can be used to improve the performance of small farmers.

Acer EduTec Expo Highlight

Acer Computers at EduTech 2019 in Sydney Australia, Video Highlights of the event.


Steve from Infinidat have a conversation with Dan from SaberVox to ask what the advantages to work with Infinidat Products. Agency:

MetLife Letters

A letter from the CEO of MetLife to all MetLife employees and stakeholders regarding the pandemic COVID-19.

Passion & Purpose – Tony Sloman

Showcase of Tony Sloman from Passion & Purpose at Chartered Accountants event in Sydney.

Promo Video Portfolio

Peter Antony Business Consulting, video promotional filmed on Manly beach on the manly place were represents where he comes from and is a part of his ground and identity.

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